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Straub Creative Company offers a distinctive set of services for all of your creative needs, specializing in the areas of web design, graphic design, fine art & illustration, digital marketing & SEO, and 3D printing.

Located right in Outer Sunset, San Francisco

The Company was started in 2013 with two goals in mind: to build better tools, and support others who are doing the same. The tools and technology we use define us, and we believe that more productive individuals = more productive communities. 

What makes us special that our work continues to stand out. Our designs look better, perform better, and separate our clients from the cookie-cutters out there. Need a kick ass website? No problem! How about a new logo, or branding materials for you or your business? Got that covered too. If you're brand isn't ranked top 10 on Google, then we should talk!

Maybe you have a crazy idea for an web or mobile app, or an open-source project? Let's work together to build something big.

We view each project like a firm handshake

...and respect the balance of communication and cooperation in every step of the creative process. The secret to anything innovative, especially in technology, are the human connections we make, and as our partner or client, you will play an integral part in every decision made, down to the last pixel or drop of ink.

Let's build better things together.

Whether you're a business, nonprofit, or just an individual looking to partner up on a fun project, we sincerely look forward to hearing from you. 

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Featured Client: The Healing Clinic, Chicago Illinois

Small business feel, big business results!

The Healing Clinic in Chicago is the first medical clinic to provide patient advocacy, public education, and certification for qualifying cannabis patients in the state of Illinois.

Contracted in Summer of 2014, THC inquired us to build a complete web and graphic branding package for their clinic - and we delivered!

Deliverable branding items included:
  • Two unique and attractive logotypes for their Physician's Clinic and Patient Advocacy Center, complete with adaptable working files that are medium specific for web, print, and advertising.
  • An attractive, modern and responsive web design that showcased the THC brand as true innovators in their industry . Specialty features included patient appointment registration, RSVP & Newsletter Signup, backend CMS and staff training
  • Comprehensive SEO listings for local and organic search rankings
  • 10,000 Facebook Likes in less than 3 weeks for strong social media presence and engagement.
I couldn't be happier with the results that Zac and his team have produced for my business and have no idea where we would be without them. Zac genuinely cares about giving his clients exactly what they want. He has taught me so much about every aspect of marketing and business development. Straub Creative Company has gone above and beyond for my business and I highly recommend this company for all web and design related services.

Feliza Castro
Owner & Principal Advocate @ THC

Modern Design & Digital Marketing Services

Web Design

Modern, powerful themes for your business or nonprofit. We specialize in responsive web design, custom themes, and front-end programming.

Graphic Design

Clean, impressionable brands for your organization, specializing in logos and logotypes.

Digital Marketing

Get found online and have customers coming to you. We can get you top-ranked on Google, and recruit 10,000 ORGANIC Facebook likes to your Page in under two weeks!

Fine Art

Original artwork with a variety of styles by Zachary Straub and Jill Hoffman.

3D Printing

Quick Print: We'll print anything you want for just $250! See more on our 3D Printing page.

Straub Creative Company's results-driven design and marketing services will propel your brand into the modern era.

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Find out why businesses and nonprofits from all over the country are trusting us to get the job done right!

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All of your web and graphic design needs - in one place

Approaching the world of online organizing with your business or organization can appear daunting in a rapidly changing web market. Clients and customers are demanding more out of their website experiences, and it can make it hard for businesses and nonprofits to keep up with the ever-moving technology curve. To make things more complicated, a recent article from Smashing Magazine accurately noted that recognizing a truly beautiful website experience is becoming increasingly difficult since today's 2015 market is flooded with so much raw talent with little understanding of what functional design really is.

That's where we come in. Straub Creative Company addresses many of the common (and not-so-common) concerns business owners and organizational directors have in getting their message out, because ultimately, the goal is the same for anyone who provides a service or product: tell a unique story, connect with others, and rally people to your brand. Designs, even according to Wikipedia, are supposed to be functional as they are beautiful - and this is where we excel.

If your website is not responsive, you're alienating customers.
We use modern, responsive website standards and themes for phone/tablet/pc so your message can be communicated across a wide-variety of devices and platforms. 

The top ranking spot on search engines can takes 35-50% of all web traffic in relevant keyword searches.
If your business or organization doesn't rank top 10 on Google, you're literally losing clients. Our best practice SEO techniques ensure that your brand dominates search engine listings on Google, Yahoo, and Bing so clients come to you.

People respond strongly to images.
If your logo looks "grainy" or "pixely", or could use some touch ups, then newcomers will judge you negatively. We provide crisp, clean logos and graphics for impressionable brands that consistently win the trust and memory of new and returning clients.

Your Facebook Page should have at least 10,000 Likes.
Especially if you've been in business for more than a couple years. Engaging with your followers is a MUST in the new age of marketing, so why not give yourself a microphone to tell your story to thousands of people?

Beautiful art and design makes our lives better.
Need a better solution for concept design or a gift for someone special? We create custom designs, personalized portraits, and illustrations with original and exceeding craftsmanship.

3D Printers are here.
Already, 3D printers are helping to solve some of our culture's largest societal ails. We're committed to learning and teaching others in how to leverage this incredible technology to better our communities.

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